Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sent several packages today

I am so excited. I sent several packages today out to wonderful ladies in my FLICKR grougps swaps and bees. I am in Gone Quilting which is a virtual bee. I sent the block to Debbie and 2 blocks to Alisha. Both were great blocks. Here is a picture of them. Unfortunately, Alisha's wonky star blocks sat in the envelope to be mailed for a few days before I realized I hadn't gotten a picture of them so they are a little wrinkled. She used Riley Black Promenade fabrics for the stars. Very cute.
I also sent out 11 wonky star blocks to the Scrap Happy group. I will get 11 blocks back that have been constructed by other quilters. Too cool. I hope we do this again so I can complete the quilt made with these. I will have to post pictures tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. HI Michell, I wanted to know I receive your gorgeous scrappy mini quilt blocks from the 3rd qtr sign up, I love them. I posted some pics on my blog There is one sq I especially love, I would love to hear if there is a story on it. For example my scraps I can tell you if I made something special with it. Thank you. I love this wonky star block, where is the tutorial for it? I need it for another swap the liberty and justice one.. Awesome job.