Thursday, February 16, 2012

The next project

I am here sitting on a plane and thinking of what my next project will be. Now that I have finished the potholders, and other goodies for PP10 I have found some other projects to get me thinking outside the box and to meet new quilters. I can learn new techniques, or just play around with different color combinations that I wouldn't have thought to do on my own. Let me just say there are some really talented quilters out there. I normally do more traditional pieced blocks but these wonderful people really make we want to try some great techniques that I have shied away from before. Especially applique.

If you want to see all the wonderful quilt groups out there, and there are many, go to This website is amazing. It is free (unless you upgrade) and you can post pictures that your friends and family can then look at. You can also find and join groups from car and photography groups to QUILT groups. I have joined an few online Bees called We Bee Modern, Gone Quilting, and 3x6 quilting bee. I am having a fun time getting to know my fellow quilters. Each Bee is set up a little differently. Some each person is assigned a month and during their month they send all the members the fabric they want them to use and which block to sew. Some tell you the colors they like and provide a mosaic to show you what they like then you pick the fabric and the block. You can see what others have created by looking at the pictures posted to the group. It really is exciting and a lovely site.

Each day I seem to find another group that is inspiring. There are swaps, small quilt exchanges, and quilt alongs. One group is doing the Farmers Wife quilt series which I am thinking of starting once I get the book. Off to see what else is out there in Flickr land.

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